Macron had promised to include figures from civil society in

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canada goose Gerald Darmanin, also a Republicans politician, was named public accounts minister.In another nod to the importance of Europe for Macron, Sylvie Goulard, a centrist lawmaker in the European Parliament who speaks four languages and is better known in Brussels than in Paris, was named defence minister.Macron had promised to include figures from civil society in his government. To that end, Nicolas Hulot, a popular environmentalist, was named as ecology minister, a job that includes overseeing energy matters.Hulot, a former TV presenter and one of France’s best known ecologists, has been critical of nuclear energy though not an ardent anti nuclear campaigner.Shares in state controlled utility EDF, which produces mostly nuclear power, closed down 6.5 percent on the news.There are a total of 18 ministers. In keeping with his promise of gender balance canada goose men jacket, Macron named nine men and nine women, but men got more of the top jobs.The first cabinet meeting will take place on Thursday canada goose.

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