Madeleine, who had spent much of the preceding days looking

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Celine Luggage Tote Replica The latter causing his death just one day later.L’Angelier had unwittingly ingested the deadly poison in spiked cups of cocoa which Madeleine had allegedly served him from her own home.Throughout the trial, Smith was described as bearing a “sadness in her expression, but no trace of that anxiety and deep mental suffering to be expected in a woman charged with such a dreadful crime and with her life in such imminent danger”.After a short recess on the eighth day of the trial, the jury resumed court proceedings to return a shock verdict of not proven.It was concluded that there simply wasn’t enough evidence to convict Madeleine Smith of murder or even intent to commit it.Madeleine, who had spent much of the preceding days looking quite emotionless and vacant Cheap Celine Handbags, was said to have cracked a brief smile upon hearing the news. She had steadfastly maintained her innocence throughout and had pleaded not guilty.As the result was announced, bedlam ensued in the courtroom, as one attendee recalled: “The announcement was received with a tremendous burst of applause which last several minutes. The judge became extremely angry and shouted out, ‘Officer, bring that man before me’.”Everybody seemed to be making a row Cheap Celine Handbags, but the policeman seized a harmless looking young man, who did not seem to me to have taken part in the applause at all, and thrust him into the dock.”Despite the court being unable to prove her guilt, Madeleine Smith Cheap Celine Bags, was unable to shake off the notoriety of being directly involved in such a high profile case, and she struggled to slip back in to her old life.Smith changed her first name to Lena and relocated to London, eventually settling down to marry Pre Raphaelite painter, George Wardle.The marriage did not last, though, and Smith moved again, this time to the USA where she married for a second time.With most in her home country having assumed that Madeleine had long since passed away, a 1926 Scotsman newspaper report sensationally revealed that this was not the case Celine Luggage Tote Replica.

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