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Rules & Regulations

  1. Student are requested to be courteous with the hostel staff
  2. Keep all your valuables locked. The management will not take any responsibility of any item lost & damaged.
  3. TV viewing hours are till 10 pm.
  4. Students must return to the hostel latest by 8.00pm in summers & 7.00pm in winters.
  5. Students may park their vehicles (two wheelers) in the hostel at their own risk.
  6. Birthday parties & late night parties are not allowed in the hostel.
  7. The hostel management will take no responsibility for any kind of misconduct done by the students anywhere.
  8. Hot water will be provided in winter season (oct-mar.) daily.
  9. No heater, immersion rod, hot plate, iron or any electronic item are allowed in the hostel. If found it will be confiscated and released only after the payment of Rs. 2000/-.
  10. Use of loudspeakers or music system with high volume in the hostel is not permitted.
  11. All meals will be served in the dining hall only. Kindly follow the meal timings.
  12. Kitchen is not allowed for personal use of students.
  13. Students are requested to save the electricity, water & keep the hostel neat & clean.
  14. No responsibility of security/safety will be taken by the management for students outside the premises of the hostel.
  15. Rules and restrictions framed by the management will be final and binding.
  16. Any damage voluntary or involuntary to the furniture, fixtures of the rooms/toilets or any other area of the premises would be claimed from the occupants of the room or the concerned student.
  17. Display of obscene photographs/posters in the hostel rooms is not permissible.
  18. No Consumption of tobacco and alcohol is allowed in hostel prem ises. Any body found intoxicated, will have to vacate the hostel and his remaining fee will not be refunded.
  19. Ragging is strictly prohibited.
  20. Outsiders are not allowed
  21. Management will not provide any medical facility except first aid kit. All kinds of medical expenses will be borne by the students themselves.
  22. The hostel management reserves the right to report any misconduct of the student to institute, or parents for necessary action.
  23. If a student vacates the hostel after admission for any reason, remaining hostel fee will not be refunded.
  24. Rs. 5000/- as refundable security against damages will be deposited. It will be refunded or adjusted against dues at the end of the session.
  25. The above rules are liable to modification from time, to time as deemed fit.
  26. All disputes are subjected to Dehradun Court jurisdiction.
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